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Scar revision surgery is used to minimize the appearance of a scar, usually on the face. The goal is to match the color and texture of your skin. Procedures can range from topical treatments to surgery to remove the scar tissue. A lot depends on the severity, the location and the size of the scarring. Sometimes a combination of treatments will be the most effective route.

If you smoke, and you plan to have plastic surgery, your doctor will likely tell you to quit smoking two to four weeks before the procedure. If you can go that long, why not keep the nonsmoking streak going after the procedure?

The average lifetime is composed of some 28,000 days -- give or take a few thousand. But there are certain days that catch our attention, and they are a good time to take stock in your life.

Dimples can be attractive, but not everyone is blessed with natural dimples. A new procedure is turning up in some plastic surgery practices, called dimpleplasty, can dimple your cheeks, according to a recent story in allure.

A thigh and buttock lift (thighplasty) at Plastic Surgical Center of Rapid City is used to remove excess tissue and fat following substantial weight loss.

Whether you're anticipating surgery or selecting a doctor, you deserve safe, high-quality care. The AAAHC certificate of accreditation is a sign that a healthcare organization meets or exceeds nationally-recognized standards. Plastic Surgery Center of Rapid City is just such a facilitiy.

Sometimes, diet and exercise are not enough to change your body’s appearance. For many people, pregnancy or weight loss results in stretched skin that cannot return to its original smooth state.

The term gets giggles, but FUPA (fat upper pubic area) is a real concern, especially for women who have given birth. The condition can also be caused by other factors such as weight gain (or loss), poor diet and stress. Genetics can also play a role.

While most people think of plastic surgery as a method for removing fat, a growing trend among patients involves adding fat to strategic places in the face and body.

With warmer weather comes lighter clothing. And for some women, that means open-backed dresses and swimwear. And the back is also where fat can accumulate. There’s a relatively new procedure to remove the excess back fat, it’s called the bra-line back lift.

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