Life milestones: a time to take stock

Life milestones: a time to take stock

August 15, 2017

The average lifetime is composed of some 28,000 days -- give or take a few thousand. But there are certain days that catch our attention, and they are a good time to take stock in your life.

Getting married? Turning 60? Retiring? These events can lead to a reevaluation of how we look, how we feel about ourselves and what we want to do going forward.

And an increasing number of people are going forward with plastic surgery. They’re opting for a boost in self-confidence as their bodies, their faces and their outlooks change.

We saw a recent list of “transition” events in life that have led people to seek out the guidance of plastic surgeons. Most of the list tracks with what we’ve seen in our experience.

  • Childbirth -- the Mommy Makeover, which can include a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction, is a popular choice among mothers.
  • Milestone birthdays - For most people, turning 40, 50 or 60 is just another day on the calendar. But for many, locking in a new decade can makes them feel older. A facelift or Botox won’t roll back the calendar, but it can improve your outlook.
  • Divorce -- It can be devastating, leading to introspection and a blow to self-confidence. But for many, it also means a return to the dating game. They want to look their best.
  • Class reunion -- OK, maybe not a life-changing milestone, but when you are standing in a room with a large group of people who are exactly your age, it would be nice if you could be seen on the younger side of the scale.
  • Wedding -- A lot of women have dreamed about this day their entire lives, and they want everything to be perfect. And it’s perhaps one of the most photographed days of their lives. A lot of brides to be seek breast augmentation and other procedures. The mother of the bride (or groom) is also more likely to seek plastic surgery before the big day.
  • New job -- Not as common, but injectable treatments and other procedures can help you get started on the right foot. And there is less chance of comparisons between the new you and the old you.