Thighs, buttocks can be lifted, too

Thighs, buttocks can be lifted, too

June 15, 2017

A thigh and buttock lift (thighplasty) at Plastic Surgical Center of Rapid City is used to remove excess tissue and fat following substantial weight loss.

After weight reduction surgery or diet and exercise, skin in the thigh and buttock area may have lost elasticity and may not be able to conform to the new smaller body shape. Instead, skin folds, sagging skin, and irregularities in the skin surface may appear. A thigh and buttock lift improves the contour of the body and creates firmer-appearing skin.

Reasons to consider a thigh lift:

  • Remove excess fat following substantial weight loss
  • Improve your body shape with firmer skin

And you can have the procedures done right in Rapid City. Recover at home, and not have to endure a long post-surgical automobile ride.