Jay W. White, DO

Jay W. White, DO

Dr. White, a South Dakota native, joined the Rapid City Medical Center in 2010 after practicing in Cincinnati Ohio for 8 yrs. Prior to that he finished his training in Detroit Michigan where he obtained surgical specialization. He is board certified in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery and enjoys the wide variety and challenging conditions confined to the head and neck.

Jay W. White, DOWhen asked what drew him to choose Ear Nose and Throat/ Head and Neck Surgery as a specialty Dr White explains, "the anatomy is very complex and interconnected in this area of the body and there's very little margin for error. These challenges drew me to ENT but I believe the greatest joy in my practice is taking care of and interacting with the children. They bring a sense of wonderment to every encounter."

Aside from enjoying pediatric Ear Nose and Throat disorders, Dr a White also has a keen interest in Rhinology (Nasal and Sinus disorders) and the related field of Allergies as well as Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

When not taking care of patients, Dr White can be found out of doors either hunting, fishing or hiking and all of the great things that Rapid City and the Black Hills has to offer. "I feel very fortunate to practice in and care for the people of western South Dakota and the surrounding states. They're just good folks!"

Jay White, DO at Black Hills ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery
Jay White, DO at Rapid City Medical Center