New procedure adds dimples to cheeks

New procedure adds dimples to cheeks

July 11, 2017

Dimples can be attractive, but not everyone is blessed with natural dimples. A new procedure is turning up in some plastic surgery practices, called dimpleplasty, can dimple your cheeks, according to a recent story in allure.

Kirk Douglas 1969

Natural dimples are the result of skin being attached to the facial muscles that are beneath the skin, usually the cheeks, sometimes the chin. (Kirk Douglas had perhaps the most famous dimpled chin in the world.) When the muscle flexes, as when you smile, the skin is drawn down.

The surgery -- requests have almost tripled in the past few years -- creates strategically located dimples on the cheeks for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It’s noninvasive, usually does not require general anesthesthesia and requires little down time for the patient.